″ CD Accusation? It is based on the testimony of five people from Sporting″



Statements by Sérgio Conceição, in preview conference with FC Porto-Estoril, last match in Liga Bwin of the national champion in 2021/22

The accusation of the disciplinary council upsets the party? “Those episodes were more about winning the title, that’s what bothers me. I have a lot of trouble speaking because I wasn’t there, I was there for 10 seconds with Rui. The area between the buses and access to the press room is 15 meters from my office I went to see what was in the indictment there is none that is the only thing I can say. The indictment is based on the testimony of five people linked to Sporting.”

Boosting players is a quality you have? “If the quality isn’t there, it’s hard to deal with it. The technical team is very demanding in their daily work. If in training the player does enough and that’s enough, it’s It’s not good for us It’s got to point out the virtues and the flaws, work on the ground, have all this belief that they can do it, they can do it, today’s limit is different from tomorrow’s, all of this together makes players increase production. Others can’t. We’ve been able to level up most of them and it has a lot to do with their job. My evolution has to do with the different groups that I take over. I am very dedicated to the work, things have gone well in this direction, we “I managed to combine the appreciation of the players with the titles, which is important, but I continue my work . I don’t like to talk about me, it’s much more than me”.

Record points and 58 games without defeat: “The pride, the fun, the different departments have contributed to this, there are very competent people there. In the years when we were not champions, we always passed the barrier of 80 points, giving voice to rivals, Benfica and Sporting, were very strong in those years, numbers and victories are important, but if you ask me if I would prefer 79 points and still be champion, I would prefer”.

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