″ Rui Costa? FC Porto are behaving as they should…″

The Porto official pointed to the red leader in view of the place awarded to the leader of FC Porto during the match between “eagles” and “dragons” in the previous round of the Bwin League

Pinto da Costa was placed, during the Benfica-FC Porto, which led to the outcome of the title, in a row away from the red president Rui Costa, in the tribune of the Estádio da Luz, then Francisco J. Marques criticized the difference in treatment and cordiality towards the Porto leader compared to his Dragon counterpart.

“FC Porto behaves as it should. When Benfica came to play here – twice in December – Rui Costa was placed in the front row of the presidential box, not next to the president of FC Porto, but in the front row “And was hailed in both games. In Luz, the president was placed seventh, while that of Benfica, as our president said, does not even know if he was there,” said the communication director.

To defend the merits of the 30th title of national champion, Francisco J. Marques pointed out that FC Porto were the club most affected by the referees in 21/22 compared to the other chronic rivals of Lisbon in the Bwin League.

“Everything serves to question the merits. There was an attempt to create the idea that FC Porto benefited from refereeing errors, even after the goal disallowed against Benfica by two centimeters. We consulted analyzes by specialists, former referees whose newspapers rate the matches as the greatest, and, given the majority bids, FC Porto had five advantages, Sporting six and Benfica seven. In terms of losses, FC Porto had 13, Sporting nine and Benfica three in eight, Sporting in three and Benfica one advantage in four. The idea that they want to create is wrong, FC Porto were the most affected club” , said J. Marques.

Finally, the director of communication of FC Porto regretted the influence of the arbitration of Hugo Miguel on the arrival of the Dragons in Braga. “We weren’t going to lose in Braga, with refereeing that didn’t make mistakes we weren’t going to lose, at least we drew. Our record, which can go up to 91 points, would be even higher, more extraordinary “, added the blue and white official, in a Port Canal broadcast.

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