″Bad luck for Rui Costa, who is no longer available to represent the Selection″

Rui Costa has been fined by the FPF Disciplinary Board and Benfica show their displeasure with the fine imposed, making harsh criticisms of the aforementioned body.

The day after the fine imposed on Rui Costa, president of Benfica, following statements made after the defeat against Gil Vicente (2-1) in February, the Reds, through the club’s official letter, criticize the Disciplinary Council (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), speaking of an “unspeakable appreciation” of this body.

After the defeat, the president of the reds declared that it was “time to say enough”, concerning the referees of the games of the eagles. In view of these statements, he was sentenced to a fine of 1150 euros.

“This edition of News Benfica is dedicated to the unspeakable appreciation of the FPF Disciplinary Board regarding the statements made by Rui Costa after the match with Gil Vicente, in Luz. Caricatural and worthless of the team that makes up the Disciplinary Board discipline of the Portuguese Football Federation, particularly notable for bizarre decisions and assessments, such as the fine imposed on the president of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Rui Costa, and the arguments that support it”, writes the incarnate.

“Enough of this Council of (in) Discipline! It’s time to put an end to this madness. Rui Costa said “enough is enough” and was charged with incitement to violence. Don’t laugh, dear reader, it’s serious. the word is part of a “dangerous, even surreptitious, approximation of incitement to violent behavior on the part of supporters”, invoked to alleviate the sanction of FC Porto player Pepe. Bad luck for Rui Costa, who is no longer available to represent the national team and who, unlike Pepe, does not have many videos published on Youtube with attacks and other misdeeds perpetrated against him in his career. , criticize the reds and whites.

“Ultimately, it is the (in)Disciplinary Council itself which incurs “approaching, even surreptitiously, violent behavior on the part of the supporters”. their dissatisfaction after a miserable arbitration. This is not without recalling Robert Louis Stevenson’s book, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. It’s just a pity that this (in)Disciplinary Council seems to meet during the day on certain occasions, at other occasions at night, especially when it comes to Benfica.”

“Finally, if saying ‘Enough’ is considered incitement to violence, what about the repeated displays of bacoco regionalism, on-field violence, savage behavior on the field after misadventures, sports assistants insulting and attacking players, puffy dolls “hanging” on the viaducts, the strange predilection for throwing golf balls, stones thrown at cars and buses on the highways, ticket theft in Tondela, insults to opponents during festivities, coercion and intimidation of referees in the Maia High Performance Centre, etc., etc., etc.? Enough! Enough is enough! Enough is enough! Enough of disrespecting Benfica! Enough of making a joke of Portuguese football! Enough of this Disciplinary Board!” Benfica concludes in today’s newsletter.

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