″Hits the post, the back of the goalkeeper and stays still″



Statements by Valoingo coach Edo Bosch after the match Trissino – Valongo (4-4 after extra time, 3-1 on penalties) for the final of the European Roller Hockey League

About the game: “Today I didn’t miss anything. It was a great game, a final. We were 10 minutes ahead on the scoreboard, controlling the game, we had a direct free kick that hit the post, the goalkeeper’s back and still stays – often it goes in, and another ball hits the two posts and goes out… When there were two minutes left, they shoot [a bola] touches the skate of one of my players and the ball “sticks” inside the goal… [para o 4-4].”

The semi-final: “We felt the game yesterday [no sábado, da meia-final com o Sporting de Tomar], which was very difficult for us, until the last. Of course, I noticed that on my players’ faces and there was a moment when I felt like taking the game to penalties. Yesterday we were happy and I thought today we could be too. This was not the case. Congratulations to Trissino.”

Future in Valongo: “You have to raise your head quickly. My players leave this room with their heads higher than they entered. If anyone did not know that they were great players, today it was confirmed that the future of Portuguese hockey – and not only – is in Valongo right now. It’s a shame. I hope others will come [finais]. What is done in Valongo is not done anywhere else.”

O dam: “Losing, I have 11 players crying in the locker room. It’s not easy to lift that [a moral] Until wednesday [primeiro jogo do play-off da I divisão, com o Benfica]. But if anyone can do it, it’s him. I hope that the hours will allow us to calm down a bit and to go to Luz on Wednesday in the best conditions”.

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