″I even put the wardrobe before you″


The story involving two compatriots was recalled, in a podcast, by former London player Joe Cole

Between 2004 and 2008, Ricardo Carvalho missed a Chelsea match due to friction with José Mourinho. According to Joe Cole, a former Blues midfielder, the central defender argued with the coach and the latter, to put him in his place, threatened to withdraw from the squad, even ridiculing one of the main holders.

“José was the best at eliminating a player,” explains Joe Cole. “Ricardo Carvalho, obviously a great player, argued with José about something and he didn’t play. After the match, José said to him: ‘you will never play for me again, you will never play again never !’ John Terry is the number 1, the [William] Gallas is number two, Robert Huth is number three, a young man is number four, even Mick [roupeiro] I’ll play before you,'” the ex-rookie recalled, describing the employee’s fitness. “Mick was 50 and had a big belly. [risos]“, added Cole.

The discussion between Ricardo Carvalho and José Mourinho did not, however, prevent the central from being one of the key players for the coach and from actively participating in the conquest of several English titles, such as at Real Madrid, in Spain. The defender, let’s remember, was, in 2010/11, one of Mourinho’s first merengue signings.

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