″It’s disappointing when it comes to integrity…″

Before the course that will define the champion, the emotional side of the Aston Villa coach appeared in broad daylight, but he devalued it. Both candidates preached “respect” for the former England international.

The English champion will not be known until Sunday, after a fierce battle between Manchester City and Liverpool, who reached the final round separated by a point. Leaders, Citizens aim to repeat the scenarios of 2012, 2014 and 2019, the years in which they celebrated at the last meeting and wished the festivities could be spoiled by Liverpool glory Steven Gerrard today at the head of Aston Villa, the opponent of Manchester’s emblem.

With 710 matches and 186 goals scored in 17 years with the reds, Gerrard has never been champion, but he can play a decisive role and help the club he loves. The emotional side marked the previews and the former midfielder was unhappy.

“It’s disappointing when it comes to integrity. We’ll give it our all to score. If it ends up helping Liverpool it will be fantastic, but my priority is Villa,” said the former Aston midfielder Villa, 14th, and coach.

Just thinking about the victory, Pep Guardiola put the situation into perspective. “I told the players it’s just one game. There can be no anxiety or nervousness. We’re not going to think about what might happen if we lose,” said Guardiola, the coach from City, who once again mortgaged his dream this season. win the Champions League.

Dependent on a City slip and beating Bruno Lage’s Wolverhampton to continue the quest for the four trophies of the season, Jurgen Klopp understands that we are talking about passion for the club.

“If I played and could help Dortmund or Mainz, I would have extra motivation. I don’t even play Stevie [Gerrard]. I don’t even have to call you to know you’re serious about the game. Villa will play to win and if they’re not well they’ll easily concede five or six goals,” commented the Liverpool coxswain. , including praise for Bruno Lage. We have a good record against these types of teams,” said the Portuguese coach.

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