″This is the ‘Mickey Mouse’ stadium…″


German club manager takes aim at limited capacity at Sevilla home amid so-called influx of ‘190,000 fans’

At the height of his Eintracht Frankfurt presidency, Peter Fischer was hoping for (even) more live support in the Europa League final, so he blamed UEFA for choosing the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium as the venue for the game.

“I was shocked when I saw where it was,” begins by recalling Peter Fischer, alluding to the announcement made by the organization about the chosen fiefdom. “This is the ‘Mickey Mouse’ stadium, it was built by Lego [marca de brinquedo]. I have more people present when I celebrate my birthday”, continued the top manager of Eintracht Frankfurt.

Peter Fischer pointed to Rámon Sánchez Pijzuán’s limited capacity (around 43,500 people) given that, according to the club chairman against Rangers, there are “190,000 fans who will not be able to be at the ‘Mickey Mouse’ stadium”.

This Wednesday, in the streets of Seville, tens of thousands of Germans were seen. At the Spanish stadium, watching the Rangers game, there are only ten thousand German fans who bought the tickets allocated by UEFA to Eintracht Frankfurt.

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