″We did not talk about the merit of FC Porto…″

Vanda Pinto


Statements by Sérgio Conceição, coach of the FC Porto champions, in a press conference before the reception in Estoril, counting for the 34th and final round of the championship and scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Environment in preparation: “Preparing for a match in an environment that I notice, and I’m not talking in emotional terms, of state of mind, obviously happiness is felt. But I always saw the group happy, with a lot of desire to show that he I want to play, with a lot of commitment, in that sense it was exactly the same state of mind. It’s normal here or there to be in a happier state, before or after the training. Not during, I don’t admit it. “I don’t exist, my heartburn is the same. The game was very serious and had the same spirit during practice. Before and after, they deserve to be happy.”

Future: “My future is tomorrow’s game, the Portuguese Cup final, watching over the future of my players. Everything that is marketed is outside Olival, near the dog.”

Death of a follower in the festivities: “It was a sad episode, in football or in society itself. No one likes it. It was fuel for a lot of press. Let me send it pecking. FC Porto by winning a another championship. These are scenes to condemn, but it’s not football, I didn’t really want to go there.”

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