″We want the respect of the Banti of this life…″


The Portuguese coach praised his opponent, but was quick to point out VAR’s mistakes

In a game that could be important for Europe’s future, Roma fell in Florence and lost 2-0. Mourinho praised his opponent, but criticized VAR.

“I would like an explanation from Mr. Banti (referee who was on VAR in the Florence game). There is contact, there is no foul, and the referee was close to the kick and did not did not award a penalty: it’s not VAR, it’s interventions by Mr. Banti. If we talk about the three points today, we’ll stop there. And I would also say that, despite the penalty from Mr. Banti, Fiorentina were stronger, they were playing with a different type of tempo, with more speed and another concentration. They deserved to win”, he said at the end of the match against the Fiorentina, who reached 59 points for Roma.

Mourinho admitted that the Conference League final is important, but so is the Championship, before criticizing VAR again.

“Yes, we have a final that absorbs everyone’s emotions and energies. And it’s not easy to forget in a city like Roma, in a club like Roma, but we have a league to play for and that what happened to this team was We know that we have the respect of our fans, but we also want the respect of the Banti of this life, who are sitting in a chair and who have already taken many, many points which are the result of the work of these boys,” he said.

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