40 billion dollars in aid: the United States decides on a new package for Ukraine

$40 billion in aid
The United States decides on a new package for Ukraine

With a large majority, Democrats and Republicans in the United States are launching a new billion-euro package for Ukraine. kyiv can thus hope for significant new military aid. It’s not a sign of pity, but about America’s future, says Republican McConnell.

The US Congress has approved a new aid package for Ukraine worth 40 billion dollars (38 billion euros). After the House of Representatives, the Washington Senate voted in favor of the package, which provides, among other things, six billion dollars for armored vehicles and air defense systems for the Ukrainian armed forces. There was a large cross-party majority of 86 votes to 11 for the new aid to Ukraine. Now President Joe Biden has yet to sign the law.

The package also includes $9 billion worth of weapons for the US Armed Forces, after they shipped numerous armaments to Ukraine. Nine billion dollars are earmarked for maintaining government functions in Ukraine. In addition, the United States also provides additional funds for humanitarian assistance.

The US Congress approved $14 billion for Ukraine in mid-March. Then, in late April, President Biden called on Congress to approve $33 billion in additional funding. However, parliamentarians went further and increased the new aid to $40 billion. The aid package was passed last week by the House of Representatives and now by the Senate.

The chiefs of staff telephone each other

In the United States, Ukraine enjoys broad cross-party support. Opposition Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said aid to Ukraine was not just “mercy”. “The future of America’s security and vital strategic interests will be shaped by the outcome of this battle.”

The United States is supporting Ukraine with large arms shipments and, along with other Western countries, has imposed heavy sanctions on Russia. At the same time, under no circumstances does the government in Washington want to intervene directly in the conflict and become a party to the war.

Today US and Russian Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and Valery Gerasimov spoke on the phone for the first time since the war in Ukraine began. According to the United States, the talks between the two most senior generals of the two countries concerned “important questions related to security”.

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