41 degrees in Andalusia: Spain suffers from a premature heat wave

41 degrees in Andalusia
Spain groans after an untimely heat wave

The Mediterranean region in particular has been struggling with extreme temperatures in recent years. In Spain, however, it will be extremely hot very early this year. Some regions report significantly more than 35 degrees, it is even hotter in Andalusia. Experts agree on the reason.

Parts of Spain are suffering from a premature heat wave as early as May. On Friday afternoon, the thermometer in the town of Andújar in Andalusia showed 41 degrees. The cities of Seville and Cordoba, also in the south, reported 39 degrees. These were record temperatures for such an early time of the year. 35 degrees were reached inside the holiday island of Mallorca. Temperatures in some areas are 15 degrees above average and May could be the hottest month of the 21st century.

Even after sunset there is hardly any cooling. Because in large parts of southern and central Spain temperatures do not currently drop below 20 degrees at night, the hottest nights were in Jaén with a low of 26 degrees. The Madrid government activated its heat plan on Thursday and recommended that people drink enough fluids and stay in the shade if possible.

Warm air masses are expected to move further north on Saturday. Then the metropolis of Madrid gets really sweaty with up to 36 degrees. “Summer devours spring”, headlined the newspaper “El País” given the heat waves that started earlier each year. The only plausible explanation for this phenomenon is climate change, the newspaper quotes the spokesperson for the Spanish meteorological institute Aemet, Rubén del Campo. Currently, warm air masses from North Africa are causing the unusual heat.

Southerners can only expect relief next week. Then the maximum temperatures should be “only” around 30 degrees.

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