50 GB data volume and all-network flat rate for EUR 14.99 per month

50 GB LTE data volume with up to 100 Mbit/s, roaming in the EU, Allnet-Flat, eSIM possible and including VoLTE and WiFi calls – mobilcom-debitel currently offers it for EUR 14.99 per month. The offer itself will be Vodafonenetwork made. Of course, it doesn’t seem so bad at first, if you don’t go anywhere else on prepaid paths anyway. You should also keep an eye out for what the future will look like with such offers.

Because the mobilcom-debitel offer applies to the conclusion of a mobile telephony contract at the “50 GB LTE green campaign” rate. The minimum contract duration is 24 months, the notice period is 1 month. If no termination is made, the contract will continue indefinitely after the expiration of the minimum contract term and may be terminated at any time with one month’s notice.

The price of the connection is 19.99 euros. The monthly plan price for the first 24 months is EUR 14.99 with an automatic credit of EUR 35.00. From the 25th month, the price of the regular monthly plan is 49.99 EUR. Even freenet radio would then be cheaper, since you’re unlimited at 99 cents a day – the network being O2 would like to.

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