A BOLA – A player accused of trying to attack the referee is already sentenced (Brazil)

Pernambuco’s championship final in early May was marked by a moment when a Náutico player nearly attacked the referee after being sent off after 22 minutes.

Alerted by the VAR and after noticing an attack on a Retrô player, judge Deborah Correia showed the red card to Jean Carlos, who decided to face the judge, forcing the referee to dismiss him, first , then to step back, with the midfielder having to be grabbed by colleagues.

Remember the moment:

He will later apologize, but Jean Carlos has now been suspended for 10 games, after serving on court. However, the penalty will be served in the Pernambuco Championship next season, so the player is free to play to represent Náutico. The attempted assault charge, which carried a minimum sentence of 90 days, has yet to be considered. The player was at risk of not playing for the next three months.

The player reiterated that he did not attempt to attack the referee, only to demonstrate that he had not elbowed an opponent, but Déborah Correia testified that he felt threatened. “I tried to take two, three steps back and reflexively extend my arm, in self-defense. Otherwise he would come towards me and I would fall back, sitting down. The video shows the possible aggression, so much so that he had to be contained by the other players,” he said.

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