A BOLA – Conceição uses images of the garage to “distance” him from clashes (FC Porto)

The legal department defending Sérgio Conceição in the infamous Garage do Dragão case, which took place at the end of the FC Porto-Sporting (2-2) match in the second round of the championship, used the images contained in the report of the League Instructors Commission to prove the coach’s thesis that he did not attend or was involved in the alleged confrontation between other elements of the blue and white structure and Frederico Varandas, president of Sporting.

The PSP report places Conceição in the Dragão garage, but the document does not contain details to support the charge of “damage to honor and reputation”, which, if proven, will cost him a suspension from one month to two years and a fine. between five and 30 thousand euros. According to the PSP, at 11:05 p.m. on February 11, 2022, “after a press conference by the president of the SCP and while he was heading towards the technical area, he was arrested by sports agents belonging to the FCP (in particular the vice- president Vítor Baía, coach Sérgio Conceição and director of communication Rui Cerqueira), with a certain tension on the spot between the actors, with a police intervention to separate the parties in conflict”.

Sérgio Conceição, relying on video surveillance images, assures that Frederico Varandas left the scene at 11:01 p.m., while the presence of the technician is not visible. The president of Sporting, even complaining about the insults of Conceição, declares that he “always stayed behind (…) without ever approaching the depositor”. “The deponent does not know what elements made up the group of people that formed around the accused Vítor Baía,” he added.

Conceição had previously given her public stance on the matter, denying the charges against her. “I spent 10 seconds with Rui Cerqueira, where the buses pass, 15 meters from my office. There can be no policeman, no delegate from the League, there is no image, no trustworthy person who can say that I did this or that or that someone did this which is reported in the indictment,” he said, maintaining the same version in the indictment hearing before the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation.

In view of what it considers to be inconsistencies, the FC Porto coach’s defense believes that there is no need to apply any disciplinary sanction.

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