A BOLA – Liga strikes the goals: from the calendar to the fight against violence, via new models of valuation (Liga)

As the 2021/2022 season comes to an end, La Liga Portugal is already looking to the near future and setting itself goals to be achieved soon.

“In fact, it has already started, due to the need to adapt the calendars of national competitions to the reality induced by the new UEFA competition model for after 2024”, he begins by saying reference to a press release, which continues:

“These changes require reflection and lead to joint work which will begin immediately, with the convening, next week, of all the clubs participating in the professional leagues for an in-depth debate which will allow, without any problem, the adequacy of our football to the new European competitive context, and our firm intention is to create the conditions for Portuguese clubs to have better conditions within UEFA, thus contributing to the national ranking.”

The League also stresses that it will remain committed to the fight against football-related violence, having already scheduled a meeting on Tuesday with the Minister of the Interior and the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports. “One more step to strengthen the work that has already been carried out with the APCVD (Authority for the prevention and fight against violence in sport) and the Security Forces”, he underlines, while committing to try to maintain with the direct supervision of Sport, as well as the Parliamentary Groups, contacts to find “new models of valorization of the sector, among which the revision of the work accident insurance, the Centralization of Audiovisual Rights – fundamental for the sustainability of Sports Societies -, by the fiscal framework which conditions the development of this activity”.

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