A BOLA – Sérgio Conceição’s deputy is moved when talking about his father (and A BOLA TV commentator) (FC Porto)

Vítor Bruno, assistant to Sérgio Conceição in FC Porto’s technical team, was emotional at the title party when asked about his father, Vítor Manuel, a regular commentator on A BOLA TV.

“My father, I say with great pride, is a symbol of national football. It was with him that I ventured, it was he who, at a time when I was nothing in football, took me with him. I will be eternally grateful to him not only for what he brought me on a professional level, but for what he is for me as an example. For the values ​​she has, for what she has gone through to me throughout my life. Him and my mother. These are two people that I struggle to express in words what they mean to me. My father has a past that speaks for him,” said Vítor Bruno, in statements made on the pitch at the Estádio do Dragão.

“I’m really sorry to see that these days in football there’s a lot of looking at what is a very recent fad of the very young and I’m speaking against myself. Knowledge and wisdom are ageless. I’ve worked with him and I understand what he is as a professional and it’s a crime that clubs in Portugal don’t see him as an asset, someone who has a huge, gigantic amount of acquired experience. I don’t understand how they can’t capitalize on this for their own benefit,” he said.

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