A BOLA – The Eagles criticize the “bacoco corporatism” of APAF (Benfica)

Benfica has reacted to the disciplinary proceedings initiated against the club by the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation following an involvement by the Portuguese Association of Football Referees (APAF).

“It is no longer surprising that the Disciplinary Board opens files at Benfica motivated by complaints from APAF. Bacoco corporatism is one of the salient features of this association, which seems more concerned with defending referees just for fun, instead of making efforts to defend the sector as a whole, fighting, for example, for the promotion transparency in refereeing, especially in communications between referees and VAR, and an external audit of VAR in offside shots so that, once and for all, the use of this tool becomes credible, two of the aspects indicated by Benfica as fundamental for the improvement of Portuguese football”, reads the newsletter published on the official website of the club.

Benfica also commented on the proceedings against Rui Pedro Braz.

“The general director of professional football at Benfica is also on trial by the disciplinary board. What did Rui Pedro Braz do? In a courteous and respectful manner, in addition to acknowledging that he overdid himself on the substitutes’ bench, he asked for Benfica’s respect and referred to two controversial refereeing decisions which, according to all analysts, were misjudged to the detriment of Benfica. The opening of the trial under these circumstances says a lot about how Benfica were treated. This persecution rage is totally unreasonable and incomprehensible. This is, ironically, another clear lack of respect for an institution that deserves and must be respected.

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