A BOLA – The Lisbon half-marathon sets a new world record (Athletics)

The Lisbon half-marathon, which this Sunday will bring together 28,000 participants running through the streets of Lisbon – bringing together the athletes of the half itself and those of Vodafone 10K – aims to reconcile the men’s world record in distance, established in the past year by Jacob Kiplimo (57.31), with the female, with a bonus of 50 thousand euros for those who beat the most.

During the presentation of the famous race that starts from Ponte 25 de Abril, Carlos Móia, director of the event, highlighted the presence of 8,000 foreigners and 12,500 women, including the Kenyan Brigid Kosgei, holder of the marathon record and silver medalist at Tokyo-2020 who has already won the Tokyo marathon this year. Kosgei, who has promised to fight for the maximum in the capital (65.16 minutes), will have as main opponents the Ethiopian Tdsechay Gemechu, holder of the race record (66.06), and Gotytom Gebreselassie and the Israeli Lonah Salpeter, also present at the hotel where the presentation took place.

“After a very special return to competitions in 2021, in which we recovered the world record for the half marathon, this year we will try to break the women’s record and combine the two world records in Lisbon”, underlined Carlos Móia, acknowledging not to be a This is an easy task given that the temperatures are higher at this time than in March, the month in which the test usually takes place, and they are not favorable for obtaining of grades.

On the men’s side, there are eight athletes with scores under the hour also in the sights of the record and the bonus check. On the Portuguese side, Hermano Ferreira, best national athlete in 2021, Luís Saraiva, Rui Teixeira and Fábio Oliveira stand out, as do Rafaela Almeida, Sara Duarte and Solange Jesus among women.

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