A BOLA – The Minister guarantees that the fight against violence in sport is a government priority (Football)

Ana Catarina Mendes, Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, guaranteed this Tuesday that the fight against violence in sport “is a priority”, and a “continuous fight” of the government, included in the state budget proposal, which must be discussed in the specialty.

“The fight against violence in sport is a priority, and it is always an ongoing fight, even if there is progress in this work, it is always possible to do more”, declared the minister, during the hearing in Parliament within the framework of the discussion in the specialty of the draft state budget.

The minister recalled that violence, racism and xenophobia “are transversal to society”, and guaranteed that the executive of António Costa “will not neglect this issue”.

Ana Catarina Mendes also highlighted that the emphasis placed on prevention, the revision of site security models in awareness campaigns”, recalling that the Authority for the Prevention and Combating of Violence in Sport (APCVD) already does this work.

The Minister, who was alerted by MP André Lima, of the PSD, to alleged insults by Boavista supporters to Vitória de Guimarães striker Rochinha on Friday during a match in the 33rd round of the League, said declared:

“We must condemn the manifestations of hatred, of racism, whether in the sporting context, in any space,” he concluded.

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