A giant white diamond sold at auction well below the highest price

Diamond auction at Christie’s: The giant white diamond “The Rock” changes hands relatively cheaply. A yellow stone, on the other hand, far exceeded its estimate – probably for a reason.

A giant diamond over 228 carats changed hands at an auction in Geneva for millions, but still relatively cheap. The hammer fell at the price of almost 22 million francs (about 21 million euros). The auction house Christie’s had estimated the value between 19 and 30 million francs.

Who got the white diamond remained a secret. The jewel, the size and weight of an egg, is set so that it can be worn as a necklace. In addition to the hammer price, the new owner must pay several million euros in VAT and commission to the auction house.

The yellow diamond greatly exceeds the estimate

A second large diamond, on the other hand, far exceeded its estimate. The sparkling yellow piece of 205.07 carats was sold on Wednesday for a good 14 million francs. The estimated price was seven to ten million francs.

A promise of donations may have inspired the bidders: the anonymous sellers had previously promised to donate part of the proceeds to the Red Cross. It has to do with the history of the stone. It is named the Red Cross Diamond because it was auctioned at a charity event in 1918 to benefit the Red Cross. At the time, he was earning an incredible £10,000.

55 years later, in 1973, Christie’s resold it at auction, this time for CHF 1.8 million. According to Christie’s, they did not disclose how much the previous owners intended to donate. The new owners also remained anonymous. Both diamonds were discovered in mines in South Africa.

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