A powerful competitor to businessman Jorge Mendes opens an office in Porto

The multinational ICM Stellar wants to dominate the Portuguese football agency market with a focus on young training talent. The company’s president, Jonathan Barnett, was present at the inauguration of the delegation.

A few kilometers from the office of businessman Jorge Mendes in the city of Porto, there is a new serious competitor in the coveted market of football agencies. ICM Stellar, one of the largest companies in the world in the field, with a portfolio of more than 400 athletes, valued at 1,430 million euros, has decided to open a delegation in Portugal, identified as the main objective of “hunting for young talent” and taking advantage of “the country’s tradition of exporting good players all over the world”.

At the opening of the company’s offices was its executive chairman, the Briton Jonathan Barnnet, who, among other things, manages the careers of stars such as Gareth Bale, Jack Grelish and Eduardo Camavinga. “We don’t just want to deal with contracts. We look after the well-being of athletes throughout their careers and make sure they retire safely and don’t end up bankrupt,” said the 72-year-old businessman.

Currently, ICM Stellar already manages more than 44 Portuguese players, mostly training athletes, but Barnett wants even more. “Our goal is to be the biggest agency in Portugal. I know that Jorge Mendes, who is a friend of mine, dominates the market here, but in the future we will see…”, he confides to JN.

The Portuguese branch of ICM Stellar will be headed by Clemente Araújo, who pointed out that the opening of these company facilities, in the city of Porto, “testifies to the importance given to the national market”.

“Everyone knows that Portugal is an exporting country of football talent, ICM Stellar wants to be well positioned in this market. The strategy is to reign in the sector at a global level, and our country is an important part of this”, said shared the Portuguese businessman. .

Clemente Araújo will lead a team of nine people, in areas such as analysis, communication, psychology and nutrition, focusing on “monitoring and enhancing young players”.

“We already have more than 40 players in Portugal, especially at the training level, with an average age of 19. It’s not only in the big clubs that there is quality, we are listening to everyone, because there are opportunities everywhere”, underlined the manager.

Among the Portuguese players currently under the aegis of the ICM Stellar are the internationals José Fonte (Lille) and his brother Rui (Estoril Praia), or the young Bernardo Vital (Estoril Praia), Tiago Gouveia (Benfica) or Vasco Sousa (FC Porto).

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