Academia Handball Benfica Women’s Championship

The exemplary campaign of the women’s handball team Benfica in the current season, it strengthened this Saturday afternoon with the triumph at Academia Handebol by 18-34, during the 22nd round of the National Championship. With the triumph erased in São Pedro do Sul, the Eagles can practically become champions next weekend, May 14, at Juve Lis.

Dominant and sharp, the the eagles have come full throttle and after 15 minutes of the first half of the match, they were already leading by 3-10. Those commanded by João Alexandre Florêncio did not slow down and extended the advantage to 8-18, result with which the match reached the break.

At reattachment, in addition to the finely tuned attack, the Benfica’s defensive efficiency increased and the advantage also increased, with the final triumph to be settled at 18-34.

follow the meeting with Juve Lisin the game of 23rd dayat the Juve Lis Sports Center.

Handball Academy – Benfica
São Pedro do Sul Municipal Pavilion
Benfica’s starting line-up
Ana Ursu, Patricia Rodrigues, Rita Campos, Viktoriya Borshchenko, Maria Unjanque, Denise Fernandes and Alina Molkova
Audilia Carlos, Mariana Costa, Joana Beatriz Ribeiro, Madalena Pereira, Jelsia Monteiro, Adriana Lage, Nádia Rodrigues, Odete Tavares and Mihaela Minciuna
on break 8-18
Benfica goalscorers
Alina Molkova (9), Mariana Costa (8), Denise Fernandes (6), Nádia Rodrigues (4), Rita Campos (2), Maria Unjanque (2), Patrícia Rodrigues (2) and Adriana Lage (1)

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