After traffic light scandal during Scholz speech – FDP man Faber reverses – domestic politics

This manifestation has personal consequences.

Defense policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Marcus Faber (38), resigns after the Friday morning traffic light scandal resigned from his post – there was a dispute in the faction!

Faber wrote on Twitter: “Today’s Defense Committee comment was inappropriate and did not do justice to the seriousness of the situation. I apologize and will propose to my group on Tuesday at its next meeting, to resign as speaker.

At the FDP, “the house burned down” after the scandal, as a member of the FDP parliamentary group told BILD at the time. Party leader Christian Lindner (43) raged. The parliamentary group and the party leaders were in dire need of discussion. At 12 noon there was a special meeting of the executive committee of the parliamentary group.

Internal pressure was probably also the reason for the about-face; according to information from BILD, this had continued to increase over the past hour. Then that was enough for him: Faber gave up.

FDP scandal at Scholz speech

What happened?

To die PDF– The working group held the special session of the Defense Committee on Friday morning to protest against the responses of the Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) left closed – and that while the Chancellor was still speaking. BILD initially reported exclusively on this.

After the session, Faber said into the microphones of ARD journalists: “Unfortunately, many questions (…) have not been answered”. And then: “That’s why we as Free Democrats decided shortly after 9 a.m. that we’re leaving the session now.”

After that, the party suddenly retreated – including the FDP politician Faber. “I am truly sorry that a different impression has been created, which I hereby resolutely reject,” he wrote in a statement, explaining, “Due to follow-up appointments, members of my group had to gradually leave the committee meeting”.

You feel “cheated”

The anger of FDP members against Chancellor Scholz was clearly visible immediately after leaving the room. You feel “cheated”, he said. It is also a fact that the Union and the Greens confirmed the BILD report, according to which the FDP politicians left the meeting as a single bloc.

“The resentment against Chancellor Scholz became apparent when the FDP, with the exception of Strack-Zimmermann, left the room as a whole and also expressed their anger,” said the CDU expert and participant in the round Henning Otte (53) at BILD.

The Greens found the appearance “inconvenient”.

► Green politician Agnieszka Brugger on BILD: “Anyone asking the Chancellor questions should not flee the room while they are being answered. It was a very serious and professional session today. It is embarrassing and has angered many other MPs.

► SPD defense politician Wolfgang Hellmich told BILD: “You don’t do that.”

► Committee Chairman Strack-Zimmermann diplomatically told BILD: “It’s not about who stands up at meetings, but that the traffic light is on Ukraine’s side in times of war. “

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