“Against the facts, there are no arguments”

After winning the championship, FC Porto will still play the Portuguese Cup (Sunday, against Tondela). Pinto da Costa speaks of immense satisfaction in achieving the main goal.

In the editorial of the magazine Dragões de Maio, published this Wednesday, Pinto da Costa, president of FC Porto, naturally addressed the conquest of the 30th title of national champion by the blues and whites, summing up the season. “There are no arguments against the facts” is the title of the column written by the Porto manager.

“Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to reach the month of May and to be able to write on this page that we have achieved our main objective: to be champions. The happiness I feel is not individual. What moves me , is not being able to say that I have helped to win another championship, because I do not even know by heart the accounting of the titles that I am linked to. I am sincerely happy to know that FC Porto has a history richer, to see that the work of our players, coaches, managers and employees are rewarded with what they most aspired to, knowing that there are many fans who go through difficult situations and sometimes have a better life thanks to this success”, he begins by mentioning.

“Before writing this text, I reread the others that I have published on this same page since the beginning of the season. In July, I set myself the objective of “winning matches and trophies and making FC Porto an even bigger club”. The following month, I said that “we only think about winning”, while in September I found that “at the start of 2021/22 we are stronger than in end of 2020/21”. what has happened lately”. I then underlined that we were undefeated leaders in all sports and ended the year sharing “expectation, hope and belief” that FC Porto were “on track” to win the league In January I wrote that I believed 2022 would be “full of success”, and in February I stressed that “the quality with which we are working At this club we are always closer to victory than to defeat”. té: “It is by continuing to work hard and although, I believe, we will get where we want”, details the leader of FC Porto as much as possible, before adding a note to the “comments” made on “certain televisions”. “about dragons.

“I don’t have the ability to guess or pretend to see in front of others. If I wrote what I wrote and if what I wrote was right, it’s because I know very although FC Porto works a lot and with a lot of quality, I have confidence in our structure and in our professionals, which underpins my belief that the probability of success is always high. Our captain Pepe said it all: “People enlightened in various programs, who, perhaps, never kicked a ball, wanted to tarnish our way. 58 games without losing, less beaten defense, better attack, points record… against the facts there are no arguments. Keep going, because that’s how they feed us to fight against everything and everyone.” And we will never stop fighting,” concludes Pinto da Costa.

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