Airliner bursts into flames – injured

As soon as the plane took off, the pilots noticed that something was wrong: in Chongqing, China, a plane overran the runway and started to burn.

A plane skidded off the runway and caught fire in China. Chinese state media released photos Thursday morning of the domestic airline Tibet Airlines plane that crashed at Chongqing International Airport in the southwest of the country. It showed flames on a wing and passengers fleeing the danger zone.

“All passengers and crew were safely evacuated,” Tibet Airlines said. Some of the 113 passengers and nine crew members were “slightly injured and were taken to hospital for treatment”.

Last accident in March

The plane was heading towards Nyingchi in Tibet. According to the airline, the crew had “aborted” the takeoff due to “abnormalities”. The plane overran the runway and caught fire. The aircraft is an Airbus A319. According to the airline, the incident is currently under investigation.

In March, a China Eastern Airline flight from Kunming to Guangzhou crashed into a mountain, killing all 132 people on board. So far, no reason for the accident has been given. Two flight recorders have been recovered and are currently being analyzed in the United States.

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