AJM / FC Porto wins in the “dark” and revalidates the national women’s title

Porto beat Leixões 3-1 in the fifth game of the final, played in a sold-out Dragão Arena

AJM/FC Porto revalidated the women’s national volleyball title by defeating Leixões in the fifth match of the final, 3-1.

It was another exciting match, as the set numbers reveal: 36-34, 25-14, 26-28 and 25-19. It was only in the second that Porto’s players were clearly superior, the “Black” showing the balance already evident in the previous four matches.

The beginning, curiously, did not indicate it. The white and blue team came in demolition, reaching 5-0 without difficulties. The hosts’ advantage grew throughout the first set, reaching 12 points (18-6).

While a generous victory was expected for the Blues and Whites in the first set, Leixões reacted and when they reached 21-14 they entered the game seriously. Little by little, he was accumulating points and getting closer to Carlos Carreño’s formation. It took 40 minutes for the partial to be completed, in the 36-34 favorable to AJM / FC Porto.

After a sweaty start to the game, and a ridiculous moment featuring Pinto da Costa, president of FC Porto – he went to the Porto fans and asked them to take the bench, in order to be closer to the team -, the second set started with the balance seen at the end of the first.

The scoreline alternated until 7-7, when the Invicta club showed superiority and scored four times in a row (11-7), an advantage that would work in favor of the champions. Spurred on by an excellent display from league top scorer Ana Gamboa, the hosts didn’t make the same mistake as in the first half, sealing the second at 25-14.

One set before closing the championship and lifting the trophy again, AJM / FC Porto had to keep up the pace. But it was Matosinhos’ side who won, staying ahead until 5-6. Janaína Vieira tied the game and the balance returned to dominate the game, until Leixões returned to do theirs and took the lead once again (8-12, 9-15). The Porto players tried to minimize the errors and managed to put pressure on the Leixonenses, opening an equal dispute in the first half: from 24 to 24, it was all or nothing for the home team. And this time, it’s the Sirens who smile, winning 26-28.

The blues and whites have again postponed the party and, from there, the triumph could fall on either side. In a constant struggle, the hosts were in control until 11-10. Miguel Coelho’s athletes turned around (11-13) and restarted the match. Despite the balance sheet, the whites and the blues took the best, won 25-19, and closed the accounts of the title: they are twice national champions.

We recall that the partnership between the Academia José Moreira and FC Porto for the creation of a women’s volleyball team was born in 2019 and, since then, the undefeated club has won seven trophies in internal competitions: two national championships, three Super Cups, the last at the start of the season, precisely against Leixões, and two Portuguese Cups.

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