Alaska (USA): American soldier Michael Plant (30) killed by a brutal bear

Bloody attack in Alaska!

Two American soldiers are on Tuesday at a training ground in the city of Anchorage a bear been attacked.

Staff Sergeant Michael Plant (30) was later pronounced dead at a Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson hospital, the US military said. He was from Florida and had only been stationed at the base since last July.

The second soldier escaped with minor injuries in the attack west of the local dump, the army said.

Lt. Col. David J. Nelson said the slain plant “still had a smile on its face.” And further: “He always did more than what was asked of him. He was an inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing him. Nelson is the commanding officer of Plant’s Parachute Battalion.

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Plant’s rank of “staff sergeant” is comparable to the German staff sergeantPhoto: private

The military said it was investigating the fatal incident.

The Alaskan government’s Environmental Protection Agency said a den containing two brown bear cubs was found nearby.

An adult brown bear was also seen in the area after the attack. Officers had to use bear spray to fend him off to prevent another attack.

An initial investigation into the incident also discovered brown bear hair.

Agency official Cyndi Wardlow said the fatal attack was likely a “defensive attack by a bear protecting its cubs”.

Wardlow continued, “We are trying to learn as much as possible about the incident to increase public safety regarding wildlife in Alaska.”

One wonders how the brutal bear will continue. The fact is that animals considered a threat to public safety can be killed. However, it is unclear whether the brown bear that was discovered is also the animal that attacked.

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