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Serious allegations against Elon Musk!

As reported by the American news portal “Insider”, the aerospace and telecommunications company SpaceX, founded by Musk, would have paid a woman 250,000 dollars (236,000 euros) to keep her quiet. The reason: The company wanted to settle a case of sexual misconduct by Musk in 2018.

The case

At the time, the woman concerned worked as a flight attendant for the SpaceX aircraft fleet. According to “Insider”, the company offered to train her as a masseuse at her own expense and in her spare time – in order to massage the boss of the company on the flights.

On a flight to London in late 2016, the incident allegedly happened on Musk’s jet (Gulfstream G650ER): the tech billionaire called the woman into his private cabin for a full body massage. Only a sheet covered the lower half of Musk’s body.

Elon Musk's Gulfstream jet (file photo)Foto: imago/Belga

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Elon Musk’s Gulfstream jet (file photo)Photo: imago/Belgian

During the massage, the SpaceX CEO stripped her genitals, touched the woman’s leg, and offered to buy her a horse (the employee was passionate about horses) if she wanted to “do more.” The woman took this as an allusion to sexual acts!

After the stewardess refused, she had less work. Finally, in 2018, she hired a California labor attorney and filed a complaint with the company’s human resources department.

Result: The flight attendant’s complaint was quickly resolved after a meeting with a mediator, which Musk also personally attended. Without the case ever being judged by a court.

In November 2018, SpaceX paid the woman $250,000 not to sue Musk. In an agreement, she also signed non-disclosure clauses.

That’s why the affair came to light anyway

“Insider” reports on the case, citing internal documents, emails and conversations with a friend of the flight attendant who wishes to remain anonymous. The woman concerned reported the incident to the person at the time. She was also asked about the incident – but according to the agreement she was not required to remain silent.

The person who was a friend of the flight attendant: “I felt compelled to speak, especially now. He is the richest man in the world. Someone who has so much power and causes so much trouble damage, then throws money is not sane.

And further: “When someone is particularly rich and powerful, he literally has systems that work like a machine to allow him to do what he wants. If you remain silent, you are part of this system. I want the truth to come out.”

The whistleblower approached the psychic without first obtaining the flight attendant’s consent.

“Before the incident, she looked up to Musk. But after he exposed himself, touched her without permission and offered to pay her for sex, she was terrified.

This is what Elon Musk and SpaceX say about the allegations

“Insider” emailed Musk asking for comment. The billionaire only said there was “a lot more” to the story. Musk: “If I was subject to sexual harassment, it probably wouldn’t be the first time in my 30-year career that it had come to light.”

He also informed by email that the story was a politically motivated smear campaign. He tweeted a similar thing on Friday morning, adding that nothing would stop him from fighting for a good future and freedom of speech.

Christopher Cardaci, SpaceX’s vice president of legal counsel, told Insider, “I will not comment on any settlement agreement.”

Explosive reveal timing

The case is the only known sexual misconduct allegation personally linked to Musk. However, there have been reports of misconduct by SpaceX and Tesla employees in the past.

For Elon Musk, the moment of revelation should be particularly explosive. He recently agreed with Twitter’s board to take over the online service for around $44 billion.

It wasn’t until Wednesday that he also became heavily involved in American politics, announcing that he would vote Republican in the future. He described the US Democrats as a “party of division and hatred”.

Musk also wrote that a “backstabbing campaign” was now to be expected against him and suggested it was linked to his political statements.

But the thing is, due to “insider” requests, the Tesla CEO was aware of the planned news story against him at the time. Perhaps he wanted to discredit the upcoming report with his tweets.

Also insist with the stock market supervisory authority

There have also been media reports for some time that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Musk’s current takeover attempt on Twitter. Among other things, he announced that he had reached the 5% stake mark eleven days later than needed for his stock purchases.

This saved Musk money: By breaking the rules, he was able to buy cheaper stocks in eleven days, because when his Twitter entry went public, the price immediately jumped.

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