“Always try to denigrate FC Porto and its exploits”

The Dragons’ communications director reacted to the recent controversies and fired all over the place, targeting Benfica and Sporting.

Francisco J. Marques came on Tuesday to react, among other things, to Benfica’s decision to file a complaint against four FC Porto players because of offensive songs.

“Towards the end of the party there was this image of Otávio and Fábio Cardoso and they try to make a case of it. Yesterday I heard Telmo Correia on the radio very irritated about it, but I don’t I’ve never seen very irritated with whistles imitating the very lights, which are successively emitted by the Benfica cheerleading team during matches with Sporting, in a situation that parodies the death of a supporter of the opposing team . And I’ve never seen him censor this. It was something that should be private, but unfortunately it spilled over onto social media and it shouldn’t have happened. They want to make a case of it… Always trying to denigrate FC Porto and its achievements,” he told ‘Porto Canal’.

Along the same lines, the dragons’ communications director also accused former eagles leader João Vaz Frade of “asking that Benfica players don’t go to the national team with Otávio there”.

“That’s what happened in the last call. I sincerely hope this doesn’t continue. I hope Benfica will have players in the national team again, because they can contribute to the success of the game. national team. But people who couldn’t say a word about So many things that happened, this one, very serious, that caused deaths, and now virgins are offended in a thing that is being said at the end of the party?” he asked.

Sporting and Lions communications manager Miguel Braga were also targeted, with Francisco J. Marques responding to the accusation that “Sérgio Conceição went to the press room to lie and pretend”.

“It has to do with the so-called Dragão garage affair (…) At the origin of all this, we must not forget that there are statements by the president of Sporting (Frederico Varandas) about the president of FC Porto and even on the club. This was caused by the statements of the president of Sporting, who went to the press room of Dragão to insult FC Porto and the president of FC Porto. But not from Sérgio Conceição. This lack of respect which is now the rule at Sporting is something to regret and to see,” he noted.

“I was there next to where everything happened and I didn’t see Sérgio Conceição. In fact, at the end, when people started talking, I asked if it was true that Sérgio Conceição was there and they told me he was leaning against the door. , the version that Sérgio Conceição always said was true. I swear I didn’t see it. I looked where there is was buzzing and there, Sérgio Conceição was not there. So I can guarantee it. And you can see the CCTV footage, that I was there,” he added.

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