Apple loses AI chief to have to return to his job

Apple is recalling its home office employees. Not everyone likes that. Apple’s probably most important machine learning employee is even leaving the company.

Over the past two years, large tech companies in particular had quickly and completely sent their employees to work from home. It’s no surprise, after all, Microsoft, Google, Apple and similar companies already have the full infrastructure to make it easy for employees to work from home.

This spring, of all companies, many of these companies, which are well positioned to work from home, have asked their employees to return to the office at least partially, including Apple. From the second half of May, employees should be back in the office at least three days a week. This caused problems for many employees, with many protesting the request and writing an open letter asking them to reconsider the telecommuting requirement.

Employees protested the planned return to the office

So far, however, Apple is sticking to its plans. However, this company policy required a significant sacrifice of personnel. Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s director of machine learning, reportedly quit precisely for this reason, ZoĆ« Schiffer wrote on Twitter:

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