Arizona (USA): Death penalty! The killer talks to the murder victim during his execution

For the first time in eight years there is one in the US state of Arizona death sentence been executed!

Killer Clarence Dixon (66) was executed by lethal injection in Florence State Prison – he refused an execution by gas chamber.

Reason for death sentence: According to the court, Dixon had killed student Deana Bowdoin († 21) in 1978. The young woman was found raped, stabbed and strangled with a belt at her home in the city of Tempe.

Dixon was then enrolled at the same university as Bowdoin and lived across from it.

Murdered student Deana Bowdoin († 21)Foto: GeneralBrnovich/Twitter

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Murdered student Deana Bowdoin († 21)Photo: General Brnovich/Twitter

︎ During his execution on Wednesday, according to “NBC”, the killer spoke directly to his murdered victim: “Maybe I’ll see you on the other side, Deana. I don’t know you and I don’t remember not from you.”

Then he concluded his last words: “The Supreme Court of Arizona should respect the law. They rejected my appeals and petitions to change the outcome of this process. I maintain my innocence and always will. Now let’s do the shit.”

The United States Supreme Court had denied a last-minute stay of execution for Dixon – less than an hour before she was to be executed.

Arizona State Penitentiary: This is where Dixon was executedFoto: Rick Scuteri/AP

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Arizona State Penitentiary: This is where Dixon was executedPhoto: Rick Scuteri/AP

The execution appears to have gone well, said Fox host Troy Hayden, who witnessed the execution. “As soon as the medicine started flowing, he fell asleep almost immediately.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (55) then wrote Twitter“Prosecutors have a responsibility to speak on behalf of all victims, especially those who can no longer speak for themselves. My goal was to bring justice to Deana Bowdoin and her family – and it was achieved.”

The next prisoner is due to be executed in Arizona on June 8. Frank Atwood (65) is in prison for the murder of an eight-year-old girl.

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