At BOLA – Covilhã goes to the play-off, Varzim goes down to Ligue 3 (Liga 2)

Covilhã won at Estrela da Amadora, by 1-0, and ensured their presence in the Liga 2 play-off. Hélton scored the goal for the Serranos who are awaiting the result of the meeting between Alverca and UD Leiria to find out the opponent of the equality who decides on the stay at the second level.

Varzim complied, beat Mafra at home, 2-0, and waited his last breath for a goal from Estrela da Amadora… which did not come. The Póvoa team is thus relegated directly to Liga 3 with Académica


Varzim – Mafra, 2-0

Heliardo (41′), Ze Carlos (58′)

Estrela da Amateur – Covilha, 0-1

Helton (48′)

The games are over. Covilhã will discuss the play-off with Alverca or UD Leiria, Varzim will accompany Académica in relegation to Liga 3.

58 mins. : HOT NAKED! Zé Carlos extends the lead, a goal that does not change Varzim’s situation as they need Covilhã not to win the match against Estrela da Amadora.

Watch the goal scored by Heliton (Covilhã)

48 mins. : GOAL COVILHÃ! Heliton headed for 1-0, a goal that prevents, for now, the direct relegation of the Serranos.

Covilhã party after the goal in Amadora

The games restart.

Interval in both games. With this combination of results, Varzim moves on to playoffs and Covilhã automatically descends to Liga 3.

41 minutes: GOAL VARZIM! Heliardo opens the marker and places Varzim in the playoffs maintenance.

Varzim players celebrate after Eli's goal

1 minute.: Matches start in Varzim and Amadora. With these results, Covilhã (ranked 16th) moves on to playoffs and Varzim (17th) down in division.

Eleven of Varzim-Mafra:

VARZIM: Ricardo; Raí Ramos, Cassio, Rego and João Reis; Seated, Zé Carlos (Nuno Valente, 79′), Murilo (Taviho, 63′), José Tiago (Tiago Torres, 90+1′), Tomás (Bruno Tavares, 80′); Heliardo (Agdon, 80′).

Coach: Pedro Soares

MAFRA: Renan; Pedro Pacheco, Bura (Bruno Silva, 11′, Pedro Lucas, 57′) and Pedro Barcelos; Tomás Domingos, Leandrinho (Lucas Marques, 66′), Inácio Miguel, Mattheus Oliveira (Francis Can, 57′) and Gui Ferreira; Aparício and Rodrigo Martins (Okitokandjo, 66′).

Coach: Ricardo Sousa

Eleven of Estrela da Amadora-Covilhã:

AMATEUR STAR: Nuno Hidalgo; André Duarte, Anthony Correia and Afonso Figueiredo; Sérgio Conceição, Chapi (Schutte, 61′), Aloísio and Miguel Lopes (Paulinho, 77′); Salomão (Reko, 61′), Fabricio and Michel (Tipote, 36′).

Coach: Ricardo Cheu

COVILHÃ: Lion; Jean Felipe (Fabrice Tamba, 75′), Héliton, André and Lucas Barros; Arnold, Tembeng, Gilberto and Rui Gomes (Jorge Vilela, 66′); Kukula (jaime, 87′) and Felipe Dini (Camilo, 75′).

Coach: Leonel Pontes

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