Attacks on nuclear facilities? Iran threatens Israel with retaliation

Talks on a nuclear deal with Iran have stalled. Israel therefore indicated that, if necessary, it would act alone against Iranian nuclear power plants. The Iranian president has announced a military escalation in this case.

Iran is threatening Israel with retaliation for a potential attack on Iranian targets as talks break down on reviving the nuclear deal. “If you take the slightest step against our people, the target of our forces will be the heart of the Zionist regime,” President Ebrahim Raisi said Monday during a military parade.

Israel had declared that it would not accept Iran as an “emerging nuclear country”. It does not consider itself bound by any agreements concluded by others and reserves the right to take unilateral measures against Iranian nuclear power plants.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi: He sends clear words to Israel.  (Source: dpa/Iranian Presidency)Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi: He sends clear words to Israel. (Source: Iranian Presidency/dpa)

Indirect talks between Iran, the United States and other countries on reviving the nuclear deal are dragging on. The United States had terminated the deal in 2018 under then-President Donald Trump and again imposed tough sanctions on Iran. As a result, Iran no longer complied with all the conditions.

The nuclear deal aims to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons. The Tehran government denies such intentions.

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