Audios from Valencia president: ‘If you go free, I’ll kill you with the press’

It was a busy Monday in Valencia. The plans for the future of the Spanish club were known this Monday in audios of president Anil Murthy published by the newspaper. Superdeporte and have already motivated a reaction of rejection, at the last minute, from the Spanish club.

O Superdeporte presented to the public a first chapter of the “audios of Anil Murthy”, in which, among other things, he reveals how the manager made reference to important footballers within the team such as Carlos Soler, the continuity of the coach José Bordalás or the intentions with the new stadium, also revealing that Kang-in Lee was about to go to Sporting de Braga. But the most devastating words are really about Soler.

“If you are free in January, I will kill you with all the press. I put 100 thousand euros. We have to bring money. You grew up in the academy and the club invested money in you,” Murthy said in the conversation.

“Carlos has been very clear that he wants to leave, since the start of the season, because he has a lot of ambition. We have to respect them because they have too much pressure from the fans. He has a wife, family members, the last thing he wants is to go out of his way so his parents can go out on the street. If he leaves, he wants his family to be well and I respect that”, indicate the audios broadcast.

“Kang-In Lee also had ambition. It was 50% closed for Braga, who went to Europe, but it was for nothing for Mallorca”, also mentioned the Valencian coach.

On the other hand, and on the relationship with coach José Bordalás, Murthy pointed out that “he has a very complicated character”, but that he was someone “special” and that he got along well with him. . Furthermore, the club president said that last summer ‘no one important’ was sold because he bet on Bordalás, but that Valencia were left with an ‘impressive gap between income and losses”, around “30 and maximum” million euros.

The performance in the Copa del Rey final, lost to Betis, was also questioned by Murthy, in the audios that the Superdeporte announced on Monday.

“We arrived with the mentality that we are not that good, that Betis are better. The saddest thing is to go in with the mentality that we’re not that good,” explained Murthy, explaining that Valencia have a team, but financial problems would lead to “cutting the team” because there is ” no other option”.

About the technical order, the name of Quique Sánchez Flores, who passed for Benfica, also appears in the audios. With the possibility of reaching European competitions in 2022/23 being ruled out via the Copa del Rey and also by the league, Valencia’s only objective was, at one point, in the final stretch of the season, to fight for the best possible place in the championship, thanks to income from television rights. In this context, Murthy revealed a conversation with Bordalás.

“Hey buddy, there’s a difference between being eighth and 13th,” he said. And another conversation took place with Gayà, to whom he revealed the name of the coach he wanted to see lead the team. “Hey, my friend, I know you’re sad, but… Quique Sánchez Flores wants to come back”.

“Audios are edited and tampered with,” says Valencia

In a statement, after news of the audios broke, Valence said they “are edited and tampered with to convey a false or biased idea in the context of general conversation.”

“The audios refer to a meal organized on April 27 in a restaurant with five Valencian businessmen and the VCF Foundation to promote the solidarity event ‘La Nit de Valencia'”, explains the club, criticizing the publication of the audios by the Superdeporte which Valencia says come after an alleged proposal refused by the club to ensure the newspaper’s ‘economic viability’ through ‘tens of thousands of euros for advertising’.

“The matter is in the hands of Valencia’s legal services, who are already studying the measures to be taken,” reads the conclusion of the club note.

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