Baerbock at the UN conference: “Russia is waging this war with hunger”

Status: 05/19/2022 03:21

The climate crisis and the pandemic have led to a global food crisis that the war in Ukraine threatens to worsen. Foreign Minister Baerbock and UN chief Guterres address Russia in no uncertain terms in New York.

Von Antje Passenheim, ARD-Studio New York

Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock accused Russia of using the blockade of grain exports from Ukraine as a weapon of war.

Russia is not only waging this brutal war with tanks, missiles and bombs. Russia is waging this war with another terrible and powerful weapon: hunger and deprivation. By blockading Ukrainian ports, destroying grain silos, roads, railways and fields, Russia has launched a grain war that is triggering a global food crisis.

Antje Passenheim

According to the federal government, Russia is preventing Ukraine from exporting 20 million tons of grain, most of it to the port of Odessa. Baerbock warned that this was happening at a time when millions of people in the Middle East and Africa were already at risk of starvation – due to the climate crisis, the Covid pandemic and regional conflicts.

Germany contributes nearly four billion euros

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries made important commitments last week “to help Ukraine restart its production and exports and to help the women, men and children who are now in need”.

Germany is releasing nearly four billion euros this year to fight the food crisis. In view of the historic number of hungry people in the world, UN Secretary General Guterres is also increasing the pressure on Moscow: the UN chief demanded that Russia allow the safe export of cereals stored in Ukrainian ports.

There is no effective solution to the food crisis without bringing Ukrainian grain production back to the world market – as well as food and fertilizers produced in Russia and Belarus. Never mind the war.

Blink appeals to the international community

US Secretary of State Blinken called for joint efforts by governments and organizations around the world.

They could urge Russia to set up corridors so that food and other essentials can leave Ukraine safely – by land or by sea.

A big problem is the lack of fertilizers – incentives for their production must be created, said Blinken, who had stimulated the ministerial conference. Today, the food crisis will then be a question for the UN Security Council. The blinking itself will also guide you through this session.

Baerbock at UN conference: Russia is waging a brutal war against gun hunger

Antje Passenheim, ARD New York, 19.5.2022 06:02 a.m.

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