Benfica announces the liquidation of a bond loan

SAD will pay the interest and proceed with the reimbursement from the 20

Benfica announced this Friday, in a press release sent to the Securities Market Commission, that it will proceed from the 20th to the repayment and payment of interest on the 2019/2022 bond loan, budgeted at 40 million euros , which results in an amount of 750 thousand euros of interest due to subscribers of this product.

This operation will be concluded by the movement of the own financial resources of the SAD embodied, which has another bond issue in progress, different from the one now extinguished. Also of a minimum amount, which can be increased, by 40 million euros, the subscription of the new loan, valid for three years, starts from the 16th to the 27th of this month. The interest rate is set at 4.6%.

The loan, which now starts at 40 million euros, and after unwinding it, brings to three the number of operations of this type in progress at the same time, for an amount of 125 million euros of bonds . SAD has an ongoing launch in 2020 (until 2023) of 50 million euros and another in 2021 (until 2024) of 35 million.

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