Benfica CD Povoa Quarter Play-off League Betclic


The Betclic League play-offs have begun! At the Pavilhão Fidelidade, in match 1 of the quarter-finals, the Benfica basketball team beat CD Póvoa by 77-59.

The game that resulted in Dennis Clifford’s return to competitionthe eagles post which has been injured since January, showed a strong and effective entry of CD Póvoa, namely in the launch of the three points. THE Benfica succeeded in the one-off approach, but the northerners’ outward fire continued to fall. The hosts’ less aggressive defense allowed CD Póvoa to reach the end of the 1st trimester win, for 19-22. O 2nd trimester it was less useful in points and less interesting from the point of view of the game played, with several failed launches, sales figures and offensive faults. At intervalthe result was a tie: 36-36.

Benfica-CD Povoa

O rest was good for the incarnatedcame from the station with their faces transfigured. More confidence in defenseoffensive variability, with moves to appear in the painted area or outside and efficiency in the launch help justify the increase in the benfiquista advantage in the 3rd trimester. CD Póvoa saw the paths to the basket completely blocked and at the end of these 10 minutes the scorer indicated 60-46 for Benfica. At 4th trimesterthe whole of Póvoa de Varzim is still threatened to mitigate the difference and re-enter the match, but quickly Norberto Alves handled the incidents of the match, winning it, for 77-59.

In a best-of-three tie, the Benfica can stamp the passport of the semi-finals in case of victory on Saturday at CD Póvoa.

Benfica-CD Povoa


Norberto Alves (Benfica coach): “We knew it would be a difficult game, because Póvoa showed an upward trajectory of quality, they are a very well-oriented team, with quality foreigners and in which the Portuguese players know what to do. Portugal and us “We found it incomprehensible that the play-offs were starting after four days. We had to deal with fatigue. In the first half, we were a little more frustrated because of mistakes; in the second half, we were more collective and we calmed down. It’s a dangerous game -off, because it’s the best of three games.”

Benfica-CD Povoa
Loyalty Pavilion
Benfica’s starting lineup
Aaron Broussard, Travis Munnings, Jose Silva, Makram Ben Romdhane and Wendell Lewis
José Barbosa, Diogo Gameiro, Betinho Gomes, Tomás Barroso, Arnette Hallman, Dennis Clifford and Ivan Almeida
Póvoa CD initial five
Diogo Kapelan, Nakye Sanders, Jorge Rodrigues, Zarko Jukic and Delaney Blaylock
Diogo Gomes, Rafael Costa, Miguel Rodrigues, Rui Coelho, Guilherme Nunes, Paulo Sereno and João Embaló
1st trimester 2nd trimester 3rd trimester 4th trimester
19-22 36-36 60-46 77-59
Benfica goalscorers
Betinho Gomes (19), Aaron Broussard (16), Wendell Lewis (8), Dennis Clifford (6), Travis Munnings (5), Makram Ben Romdhane (5), José Silva (4), José Barbosa (3), Tomás Barroso (3), Arnette Hallman (3), Ivan Almeida (3) and Diogo Gameiro (2)

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