Benfica coach after Portuguese Cup final: ‘It’s too serious’

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Statements by Pulpis, coach of Benfica, after the hard-fought triumph against Marítimo, 3-2, in the semi-final of the Portuguese Futsal Cup, at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Sines.

Analyze: “We expected a difficult game, but our first half was horrible. It’s too bad because we were warned by what happened yesterday. We knew he was a very aggressive opponent and in the first half we didn’t play with intensity, concentration and with the game plan we had, so it was a balanced first half, the second half was much better on our side “It’s true that we missed a lot of chances, but we played closer to the level expected of us. That doesn’t mean you’re disappointed with our first game.”

Management? “Managing the team was not our goal. We wanted to end the game as quickly as possible, but in the end they brought the goalkeeper forward and we were a bit more defensive, it’s not worth risking so much either. Possibly the second goal [do Marítimo] be the result of some decompression, I was 3-1, I was winning, but in futsal you can never decompress. But yes, in the second half we played at a very high level, we had chances to score.”

Final, against Sporting: “In the final, it’s clear that we have to play at a very different level than yesterday. [quarta-feira] it’s today. If we play like the last two games, we have no chance of beating Sporting. But I am convinced that my team will give another image. They face an opponent, a derby, for which they do not need motivation. I’m sure our fans will be able to see another Benfica, similar to the one that was in ‘Champions’ and with the one that played the last derby in Luz. If we are at this level, we have every chance of winning the Portuguese Cup.”

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