Benfica-FC Porto dictates 12,500 euros fine and several suspensions

Benfica-FC Porto of the 33rd and penultimate round of the Portuguese Football League, which confirmed the national title to the blues and whites, dictated a cumulative total of 12,500 euros in fines between the two clubs, not counting the sanctions monies arising therefrom. shown to players.

Benfica was fined 8,290 euros for “incorrect behavior by the public, due to pyrotechnics, as well as 510 euros, also due to the public, for singing in unison “son of a bitch” when the networks guardian of FC Porto would put the ball back into play, 10 and 25 minutes from the first half, according to the sanctions card of the Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), published on Tuesday.

As far as Benfica is concerned, there is yet another incident which ‘awaits clarification’ and Nélson Veríssimo’s assistant coach Marco Pimenta has been suspended for one game and fined 2,040 euros following the expulsion. in the derby. “He got up energetically from the bench, waving his arm and shouting ‘it’s not a fault’,” reads the card on the FPF CD.

Footballers Gonçalo Ramos and Julian Weigl, who received the fifth and ninth yellow cards respectively, are serving one game of legal suspension.

On the side of FC Porto, there was a fine of 3,190 euros for “wrongful behavior of the public” linked to the use of pyrotechnic devices and 510 euros for another moment, 37 minutes from the first half, in which they sang “in unison”. , the song “SLB motherfuckers”‘.

The delegate of the blue and white game, Álvaro Miguel Magalhães, was suspended for six days and fined 380 euros for “protests against the referee team”. “Deliberately left the technical area to protest or argue with an element of the referee team saying ‘it’s not a fault'”.

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