Benfica sees the ‘red card’ process as a risk to the success of the bond issue – Benfica

Information contained in the prospectus sent to CMVM

Benfica SAD places the ‘Red Card’ operation, which has Luís Filipe Vieira as the main defendant, one of the risks to the success of the bond issue announced on Tuesday. In the document made public yesterday by the CMVM, this is announced as one of the “risk factors specific to the issuer”, that is to say the Luz club, in the chapter on “risks linked to the procedures judicial, arbitration and administrative proceedings”. “In July 2021, Benfica SAD became aware of the existence of a so-called ‘red card’ process, in which acts allegedly committed by Luís Filipe Ferreira Vieira while he was Chairman of the Board of administration of Benfica SAD, are under investigation, although not in this capacity. Benfica SAD does not assume the quality of target or defendant in the aforementioned process”, one can read.


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The eagles also list other risks that could jeopardize the success of the operation. And one that is immediately targeted is the possibility of Benfica not being able to reach the Champions League group stage.

“Benfica SAD’s main activity is linked to the participation in national and international professional football sports competitions, being thus dependent on the existence of these sports competitions, the maintenance of its participation rights, sports performance and results obtained by his football team, namely the possibility of qualifying for European competitions, mainly in the UEFA Champions League”, underlines the document.

By Valter Marques


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