Benfica: the roles of Lourenço Coelho and Rui Pedro Braz

Lourenço Coelho will become the manager who sits on Benfica’s bench during matches. The reds changed the structure of football and Rui Pedro Braz became full-time sporting director, with the entry of Lourenço Coelho as general manager.

The new organization chart, decided in January and of practical application now, has led to a reorganization of tasks and, for example, Lourenço Coelho will now be alongside the coach and substitutes from next season.

Upon his arrival at Clube da Luz, Rui Pedro Braz took on the role of general manager, at a time when Luís Filipe Vieira was president. However, with Vieira’s arrest and Rui Costa taking over as president, Braz combines the functions of general manager with those of sporting director, a role that was that of Rui Costa.

The arrival of Lourenço Coelho to red football led to a redefinition of the structure. Thus, the latter becomes responsible for all football logistics at Benfica, marking matches, stadiums and the daily management of the team.

Rui Pedro Braz. in turn, will be the sports director. In this sense, the market is in charge, that is, the execution of transfers, purchases, sales or loans, decided with President Rui Costa and the new coach, Roger Schmidt who, as we know, n hasn’t been introduced yet.

Braz also oversees Scouting and is responsible for the link between youth and professional football.

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