Berlin fashion brand Wayks accuses Tchibo of plagiarism: ‘Just a coincidence?’

Plagiarism allegations against Tchibo: the group contacts the start-up

Were the bags commissioned by Tchibo employees to copy the Wayks bag for their own line? Compared to the “Hamburger Morgenpost” (Mopo), the group remained discreet about the claims: “We follow trends, let ourselves be inspired and develop our own products from them.”

Copying other products does not correspond to Tchibo’s business principle, according to “Mopo”. Wayks reported in an Instagram Story on Wednesday evening that the Tchibo Group had finally approached the small Berlin start-up – after it had yet to respond to an initial attempt to contact Berliners the previous week.

In the past, the global company Tchibo has repeatedly had to deal with allegations of plagiarism from small manufacturers: a dispute over the waffle maker between Tchibo and the Sauerland-based Cloer Group caused a stir, during which the Cologne District Court eventually banned Tchibo, a waffle iron that closely resembled a Cloer waffle maker from further distribution.

In 1998, Tchibo even received the “special prize for repeat offenders” of the negative “Plagiarius” prize, which has been awarded under the patronage of the Association of German Industrial Designers since 1977.

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