BOLA – Benfica is national champion (Women’s Football)

Benfica beat Sporting 3-1 and won the Women’s Football Championship twice.

On a summer afternoon, in the heart of the Estádio da Luz, the red emblem not only managed to defeat the eternal rival and celebrate another national title, but also managed to break the attendance record of a women’s football match in Portugal: 14,221 spectators were present. . in the amphitheater of Benfica and, in this way, the number reached in the 2019/2020 season, also in Luz and also face to face with Benfica and Sporting.

Carole Costa, after 2 minutes, opened the scoring for the Eagles, and Andreia Faria, at 12 minutes, increased the tension. The 2-0 at half-time gave Filipa Patão’s men – who only needed a draw to celebrate – a very comfortable margin for the second leg, a period when Sporting tried to react but still clashed with Katelin Dalbert, clashed networks who defended. almost everything there was to defend.

And when Ana Vitória, in the 75th minute, shot for the 3-0, it was practically doomed that the title did not escape the benfiquistas.

Sporting’s goal of honor came practically in the last offer, at 90+8 minutes, when Andreia Jacinto, in a very confused offer, ended up shooting into the back of the net from the opposing goal. Before that, Joana Marchão had already missed a penalty, allowing an excellent save for Katelin Talbert.

After winning the title last season, Benfica celebrated again this season. From the final whistle, and under the watchful eye of Rui Costa, the red-faced president who watched the match from the presidential box at the Estádio da Luz, the eagles’ players gave wings to their joy and , in communion with the supporters present in the stands, celebrated for several minutes.

This was followed by the presentation of the medals and the trophy in the middle of the Luz lawn, from the hands of Humberto Coelho, vice-president of the Portuguese Football Federation, a moment that made the double national champions delirious.

End of game! Benfica 3 Sporting 1.

90+8 minutes: Sports results! Joana Marchão’s free-kick, Katelin Dalbert kicks the ball forward and Andreia Jacinto shoots with a left footed shot, the ball still being deflected by Christy Ucheibe, into the goal. 3-1.

90+7 minutes: Francisca Nazareth yellow card.

90+5 mins: Joana Marchão left Sílvia Rebelo en route and, facing Katelin Dalbert, shoots for another extraordinary save from Benfica’s American keeper.

A minimum of 8 minutes of additional time was granted for the second half.

90 minutes: Joana Marchão, in the conversion of the maximum penalty, ends for an excellent intervention by Katelin Dalbert, for a corner.

89 minutes: Penalty for Sporting! Catarina Amado fouls Diana Silva.

87 minutes: Double replacement in the Benfica team, with the departures of Beatriz Cameirão and Cloé Lacasse, for the entries of Ana Seiça and Maria Negrão.

The number of spectators present at the Estádio da Luz has been announced: 14,221. The attendance record for women’s football matches in Portugal has been broken!

81 minutes: Yellow card for Fátima Pinto.

77 minutes: Double replacement in the Sporting team, with the departure of Joana Martins and Carolina Beckert, for the entries of Vera Cid and Ana Teles.

75 minutes: Benfica scores! Pass from Pauleta to Ana Vitória, the ball rebounds on Bruna Lourenço and Alicia Correia, it goes up to number 10 of the eagles who, facing Doris Bacic, shoots placed for the 3-0.

72 minutes: Replacement in the Benfica team, with the departure of Jessica Silva and the entry of Christy Ucheibe.

71 minutes: Yellow card for Jessica Silva.

70 minutes: Stop at the game to hydrate the players.

69 minutes: Yellow card for Carolina Beckert.

68 minutes: Individual kick from Diana Silva, a cross in the center of the small area and a providential pass from Catarina Amado, who had Joana Marchão on her back ready to aim for the goal. On the rebound, Chandra Davidson, with a header, saw Catarina Amado deny her the goal on the line.

67 minutes: Excellent pass from Pauleta and Francisca Nazareth, against Doris Bacic, tried for the hat, but the Leonine goalkeeper refused him.

62 minutes: Double replacement in the Benfica team, with the departures of Lúcia Alves and Andreia Faria, for the entries of Valéria Cantuário and Francisca Nazareth.

57 minutes: Superb strike from Andreia Jacinto, from the middle of the street, for a no less spectacular save from Katelin Talbert, for a corner. Huge spectacular moment in Luz!

49 minutes: What a loss for Ana Vitória! The Eagles number 10, completely isolated against Doris Bacic, tried to take the ball as far as possible from the leonine goalkeeper’s reach, but saw his shot go just above the left post of the Sporting goal.

46 minutes: Replacement at Sporting, with the departure of Mariana Rosa and the entry of Alicia Correia.

Beginning of the second part!

With a very comfortable advantage, since a draw will be enough to clinch the title, Benfica is about to repeat the feat achieved last season and, in this way, achieve the first double championship in its history.

Sporting tried to react, managed to make a few arrivals near the red goal, but the truth is that the lionesses couldn’t really bother Katelin Talbert, Benfica’s American goalkeeper who always showed security between the posts .

A devastating Benfica entry into the game left the title doors wide open. Carole Costa, after 2 minutes, took advantage of a false start from Doris Bacic to open the scoring, and it was up to Andreia Faria, 10 minutes later, to increase the tension, following a rebound on a movement from Cloé Lacasse on the left. and that Fátima Pinto, in the center of the area, could not relieve.

Interval! Benfica 2 Sporting 0!

45+5 minutes: Long pass from Andreia Jacinto and Chandra Davidson, already in the box, sends the ball with his left foot into the side netting of Benfica’s goal.

45+4 minutes: Free-kick from Joana Marchão’s right, straight to the goal, but Katelin Talbert was attentive and kicked the ball to avoid greater harm.

Addition of a minimum of 5 minutes added time to the first half.

42 minutes: Chandra Davidson’s powerful shot from the edge of the area, slightly on the left post.

34 minutes: Long shot from Brenda Pérez, far above the crossbar of Katelin Talbert.

30 minutes: Yellow card for Pauleta.

29 minutes: Excellent individual work by Cloé Lacasse who, inside the small area, shoots against the body of Bruna Lourenço, who literally prevented the goal of the Canadian international Benfica.

29 minutes: Cross from the right of Cloé Lacasse and Beatriz Cameirão, at the entrance to the surface, comes into play for an attentive stop by Doris Bacic.

28 minutes: Cloé Lacasse, on the counterattack, shoots weakly into the hands of Doris Bacic.

24 minutes: Stop at the meeting for the hydration of the players. It is very hot in Luz…

21 minutes: cross from Mariana Rosa from the right and providential kick from Sílvia Rebelo for a corner, preventing the ball from reaching Chandra Davidson, already ready to finish.

15 minutes: The initiative from Mariana Rosa, who escaped from the marking of Lúcia Alves, passed to Diana Silva who, already in the box, fired a cross, slightly wide of the right post of the red goal.

12 minutes: Benfica scores! The play of Cloé Lacasse, who flexed from the left to the center with the ball under control, and after a rebound (Fátima Pinto did not get the clearance), Andreia Faria fired a cross for 2-0.

9 minutes: Cross from the left half of Andreia Jacinto, but Mariana Rosa, in the axis of the surface, does not manage to deflect and the ball calmly reaches the hands of Katelin Talbert.

3 minutes: Benfica scores! Right corner from Pauleta, Doris Bacic had a bad approach to the game and Carole Costa, at the entrance to the surface, slightly dropped on the left, shot hard and placed for 1-0.

Game start!

This is the second time the Estádio da Luz has hosted a women’s football match between Benfica and Sporting. In the 2019/2020 season, more precisely on October 19, 2019, eagles and lionesses faced off in the red field, with the home team smiling in victory (3-0). On this date, the attendance record for women’s football matches in Portugal was broken, with 12,812 spectators present in Luz. It’s today? Will this number be beaten?

Benfica: Katelin Talbert, Catarina Amado, Silvia Rebelo VSCarole Costa, Lúcia Alves, Andreia Faria, Pauleta, Beatriz Cameirão, Ana Vitória, Jessica Silva and Cloé Lacasse

Replacements: Carolina Vilao, Ana Seiça, Valéria Cantuário, Maria Negrão, Christy Ucheibe, Francisca Nazareth and Lara Pintassilgo

Coach: Filipa Patao

Jock: Doris Bacic, Carolina Beckert, Bruna Lourenço, Joana Marchão, Mariana Rosa, Fatima Pinto VSAndreia Jacinto, Joana Martins, Brenda Perez, Diana Silva and Chandra Davidson

Replacements: Hanna Seabert, Rita Fontemanha, Ana Teles, Melisa Hasanbegovic, Francisca Silva, Vera Cid and Alicia Correia

Coach: Marianne Cabral

Arbitrator: Filipa Cunha (AF Viana do Castelo)

Assistants: Sara Alves and Rafaela Almeida

4th Referee: Joana Pinto

There are already teams!

Recall that Benfica is the current holder of the trophy. Last season, in the 14th and final round of the championship qualifying phase, Filipa Patão’s men, who also only needed a draw to secure the title, prevailed against Sporting ( 3-0), and from there they won the first women’s soccer championship in Red Emblem history.

The eagles approach this penultimate round leading the championship, with 33 points, while the lionesses are in 2nd position, with 27. This means that in the event of a victory or a draw, Benfica is crowned national champion.

Benfica and Sporting will face off this afternoon (4pm), in a match referencing the 12th round of the BPI League Champions qualifying stage, which will be played at the Estádio da Luz. BOLA online will follow the eternal derby hand in hand. Don’t miss…

Good afternoon!

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