BOLA – FC Porto exposes itself to the Federation and throws itself on Sporting (Handball)

FC Porto made a presentation to the Portuguese Handball Federation, regarding the incidents recorded in the last classic against Sporting, at the João Rocha Pavilion, which the Dragons won by 29-28.

Here is the letter in full:

“Exmos. gentlemen,

We are writing to them following the game mentioned above.

As you know, it was customary for the team visited and its managers to receive and interact with other sports agents during matches with the Futebol Clube do Porto (“FC Porto”) in a way that is absolutely unacceptable. and last Saturday was no exception. to this already “maximum” of Sporting CP.

Such an attitude not only conditioned the environment but also polluted the posture of the spectators in the room. Regrettable scenes of bullying and unsportsmanlike behavior have repeated themselves, leading to constant interruptions to play following systematic throwing of objects at FC Porto players.

In a clear attack on the physical integrity of the athletes, especially in the goal area defended by FC Porto, the playing field was constantly sprayed with liquids sent from the stands. This situation gave rise to constant interruptions at various times and for several minutes, trying to condition the performance of FC Porto players, who have always shown great fair play and competitive maturity. Additionally, we are concerned that these behaviors will now also affect the opposing team and their leadership.

This is confirmed even at the tactical level by Sporting’s handball managers – ranging from the aforementioned intimidation to victimization, with a strong dose of theatricality in which the bad defeat is not hidden! “Do theatre!” are the words heard by Sporting’s technical managers during a timeout that says it all!

Finally, in addition to all this, the atmosphere created and the constant pressure, as well as the stops and the intimidating posture mentioned above also seem to have had consequences depending on the way the game was managed at the refereeing level, which is absolutely unthinkable. when the competition reaches a decisive moment!

For the sake of it, we leave the following exhaustive examples:

At 52m – Validation of a Sporting goal in clear violation of the area;

At 53 m – Undue Red for the FC Porto player with a double criterion comparing with the identical behavior of the Sporting player during the previous game;

At 57m – Undue exclusion for 2 minutes of a FC Porto player while the simulation was carried out by the opponent;

At 59m – 2 minutes of suspension with an abusive marking, let’s face it, from a free kick from 7 meters on a fortuitous contact and provoked by the Sporting player.

For all of the above,

FC Porto asks (reiterating previous calls) to the Federative Bodies so that measures are taken so that situations and behaviors of this kind are punished in an exemplary manner – ensuring that they do not happen again (such as Federative officials themselves witnessed it and were also targeted)!

The truth is that the strength of the FC Porto team, its maturity and the experience of a group of men who not only proudly wear the colors of FC Porto but, to a large extent, the colors of the national team , deserve our respect and praise. , has allowed the behaviors depicted on and off the court not to be answered in the same motto, resulting in a lack of control that is understood everyone in Handball has to fight and avoid.

Honoring this spirit and based on the concerns listed,

You are required to make every effort, in terms of refereeing, discipline and organization of matches, to severely punish the behavior exposed and put an end once and for all to a style of handball that is neither ours. nor the one that bears the name of FC Porto and Portugal across Europe and the world!

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