Brazilian expert testimony says Rafael Ramos did not racially discriminate against Edenilson

The entity that investigated, through television, the discussion between the two indicates that it is “obvious that the word ‘monkey’ is not included in the questioned speech”, since “there is no had no labial junction”.

An analysis by the Curitiba Forensics Center, commissioned by the Porto Alegre police, of television footage of the disagreement between Rafael Ramos (Corinthians) and Edenilson (Internacional), due to an alleged racist act by the former, concluded that the party n did not pronounce the word “monkey”, as the accused, but the term “car****”.

According to the Curitiba Expertise Center document, which ESPN Brasil has had access to, the dialogue between the two players, which took place a week ago, was as follows: “Eiii… Are you crazy?” asked Rafael Ramos. “Crazy!” replied Edenilson. “Yeah, man***!” retorted Rafael Ramos, sparking an argument between them.

The Curitiba Forensics Center justifies the “acquittal” of Rafael Ramos, who assured that he was not racist towards Edenilson, by evoking that “the syllable ‘ma’, which begins the word ‘monkey’, cannot be pronounced only with a labial junction”, something which, according to the expertise, “was not done” by Rafael Ramos, a full-back engaged in Santa Clara.

“Given the intrinsic characteristics described and demonstrated during this opinion, it is obvious that the word “monkey” is not included in the speech in question, proving that at no time was there a junction labial at the beginning of pronunciation”, concluded the expertise requested, “for clarity”, by the Porto Alegre police.

A week ago, following an accusation by Edenilson, for an alleged racist insult, even publicly assured, Rafael Ramos was arrested and, after a few hours, he was released after Corinthians paid a bail.

The Portuguese side, accused of having treated the Brazilian midfielder of Internacional Porto Alegre as a “monkey”, will answer, according to Carlos Butarelli, delegate of the federal police in Porto Alegre, for a “crime of racial insult”. , now free.

The incident between the two even forced the interruption of the meeting, held on May 14, between Corinthians and Internacional for about five minutes. After the final whistle, Rafael Ramos insisted it was a ‘misunderstanding’ and Edenilson reiterated that he ‘didn’t misunderstand’ the alleged racist insult hurled on the pitch.

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