Bruno Varela says penalties on Taremi at Guimarães were well scored



The V. Guimarães goalkeeper commented, in an interview with Canal 11, on the two controversial shots of the match on the 29th day of the championship.

Bruno Varela, goalkeeper of V. Guimarães, was interviewed Wednesday evening by Canal 11 and spoke about the two penalties of the match with FC Porto, at the home of the Minho club, on the 29th day of the championship. The goalkeeper considers the offers to have been wise.

“I always analyze the games as soon as I get home. Then, on the first day, I do the analysis with the goalkeeping coach. [ primeiro penálti], that’s what we talked about between him and me, I was not well placed. I was hoping Taremi wouldn’t dominate the ball, but he does. Then I had time to get back to the goal, I ended up not coming back, I was halfway there and it was halfway through that I decided to leave. The first thing I thought was that I was going to get there first, but halfway through I regretted it. It was discussed a lot, but me, to be honest, if it was my striker who was fouled, it would be a penalty for me. I accept the penalty. He did his job, I shouldn’t have approached him that way,” he said.

Taremi converted the maximum penalty and scored the game’s only goal. In the second half, he was again awarded a penalty, but missed it. “If it was my attacker, Oscar [Estupiñán] or Bruno [Duarte], I would accept a penalty. There’s no point being a hypocrite. It was a mouse, as they say. He does it very well. I was frustrated myself, as I had studied this and seen several pieces by Taremi. But in the game, there are decisions that we have to make. When he touched the ball, I was already raising my arms, because I knew he was coming against my knee. He looked too hard, but I accept the penalty.”

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