But not with us: BMW wants to operate a car factory without gas or oil Regional

Munich- BMW wants to operate its car plant in Debrecen, Hungary, exclusively with green electricity.

“The plant in Hungary should go completely fossil fuel free,” CEO Oliver Zipse said at BMW’s general meeting in Munich on Wednesday. According to him, this makes it the first car factory in the world to operate without fossil fuels.

The foundation stone for the factory in Hungary will be laid on June 1, and 26 months later the first pre-production cars of the new all-electric class will roll off the assembly line there. Most of the electricity needed for production is generated directly on the factory premises, “for the rest we use 100% renewable energy sources,” Zipse said.

The decision not to use gas at the Debrecen plant comes down to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in production and is independent of the current supply situation, a company spokeswoman said. . But it also makes economic sense: “The concept guarantees price stability and security of supply.

Until now, BMW needed gas in its car factories mainly for the operation of the cogeneration plants and for the ovens in the paint shop. Last year, the group consumed 3.5 million megawatt hours of natural gas worldwide, out of a total of 6.5 million megawatt hours of energy. The majority of CO2 emissions of 766,153 tons came from the combustion of natural gas in cogeneration plants and paint shops.

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