Calviño keeps his promises: the Spanish minister rejects the photo only with men

Calvin keeps his promises
Spanish minister rejects photos only with men

Spain’s Economy Minister Nadia Calviño is keeping a promise of equal rights. When she is supposed to be the only woman in a photo with men, she leaves the photo. She received a lot of encouragement, but the president of a Spanish professional association called the action a “report”.

Spain’s Economy Minister Nadia Calviño refused a group photo at a managers’ forum because she was the only woman in the photo. For this unusual push for equal rights in business, the 53-year-old has been praised online, by activists and also by left-leaning government colleagues – but she has been sharply criticized by critics. greatest entrepreneurs. “It’s just a story,” Spanish trade association CEOE president Antonio Garamendi told reporters in Madrid.

A television report shows Calviño positioning himself for a photo with several men. When she seemingly realizes she is the only female, she leaves the picture and drives him away. A moment later, the picture arrives – with another woman in the picture.

With her refusal, Calviño kept a promise she made in February at the ‘Madrid Leaders Forum’. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s first assistant then announced that she would never take a photo again or participate in debates where she was the only woman. “We can no longer consider it normal that 50% of the population is not present during such events,” she said.

“Cheer !” tweeted the famous journalist and lawyer Ainhoa ​​​​Martínez, and the Minister of Equality Irene Montero wrote on the social network: “Well done, Vice President!”. But Garamendi said: “It’s important that there is equality in the business, not in the photos.” At the CEOE, women are in the majority, “about 65%”, he said.

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