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Two industry giants are abandoning the car-sharing market!

BMW and Mercedes want to sell their “Share Now” service to Stellantis, the mother of Opel.

The three companies announced on Tuesday that a corresponding agreement had been signed “recently”. Only the antitrust authorities have yet to give their consent.

Reason: The car-sharing business “never worked out” for BMW and Mercedes, according to automotive expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer (70).

The sale to Stellantis is the end of the car-sharing market, continues the expert. The purchase price is “just over 100 million euros”, according to industry circles.

Advertised as a game changer

Originally, BMW and what was then Daimler AG each had their own services: “DriveNow” and “Car2Go”. In 2019, the offers were merged – and “Share Now” was born.

According to the merger, the common application should become “a new global player” and a “game changer”. The then BMW boss, Harald Krüger (56), even called the portal “the central block of our strategy as a mobility provider”.

But now it’s all over! Apparently, the main activity – the construction of new cars – should again be in the foreground. BMW and Mercedes also want to spend more time on their “Free Now” app. You can also book taxis and electric scooters here.

How is the service going?

Stellantis plans to integrate Share Now into its Free2Move application. For the automotive group around the French group PSA (including Peugeot and Citroën) and Fiat Chrysler, it will be “a very cheap agreement”, according to Dudenhöffer.

“Free2Move” would then be active in 16 other cities – including Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, Milan, Turin, Copenhagen and Budapest. The number of customers would increase by 3.4 million, at least on paper, and the number of cars by 11,000.

That would be a giant leap for the ministry! Because: Currently, “Free2Move” only has 2500 cars.

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