CD Póvoa Benfica Quarter Play-off League Betclic

Betclic League
Quarter-final game 2
Final result
INT 34-33
1.º Q 2.º Q 3.º Q 4.º Q
14-19 34-33 51-61 67-84

A Benfica basketball team is in the semi-finals of the Betclic League play-off! Match 2 of the quarter-finals, against CD Póvoa, required an extra effort, but the eagles, with a 67-84 victory, achieved the goal.

Disadvantaged after the victory of the reds in game 1 of the play-off, played at the Pavilhão Fidelidade, Póvoa entered the superior game and, with a partial of four points, took the lead. THE to respond eagles came out of the hands of Betinho Gomeswho, with a triple, approached the accounts of the game (4-3). From here seen more Benficaand the 10 points scored consecutivelywithout response from the adversary, left no doubt about the end of the 1st partclosed by a 14-19.

A reaction of the house in the 2nd bedroom it didn’t take long. A very hotly contested match, decisive for Benfica’s passage to the semi-finals or the draw. Commit fouls that benefited the opponent, the quality of the rival is appreciated, those ordered by Norberto Alves allowed the approach and advantage of Povoa. At halftime, 34-33.

Benfica Basketball

On the repeat the balance remained as the predominant note. Point here, point there and neither team stood out on the field. The passage to the command of the scorer (44-47) completed, the Benfica made good use of the three points and there, yes, started practicing his basketball. Excellent recovery of incarnates, 51-61 in the game and 10 points ahead at the end of the challenge time.

Ten minutes separated Glorioso from reaching the semi-finals. We had to keep up the pace, not give in or allow ourselves any great whims. motivated, the the reds continued to attack the basket, were dominant, left no chance and scored the desired presence in the semi-finals with a Victory 67-84! Benfica’s opponent in the semi-finals of the Betclic League play-off will be olive tree or oh CABIN Wood.

Presented for Betinho Gomes, Eagles top scorer in the gamewith 18 points in 30 minutes of use.


CD Povoa-Benfica
Povoa Sports Club
Benfica’s starting lineup
Aaron Broussard, Travis Munnings, Jose Silva, Makram Ben Romdhane and Betinho Gomes
Frank Gaines, Eduardo Francisco, José Barbosa, Hugo Silva, Diogo Gameiro, Tomás Barroso and Dennis Clifford
Póvoa CD initial five
Diego Kapelan, Nakye Sanders, Jorge Rodrigues, Zarko Jukic and Delaney Blaylock
Diogo Gomes, Rafael Costa, Miguel Rodrigues, Rui Coelho, Guilherme Nunes, Paulo Sereno and João Embaló
1st trimester 2nd trimester 3rd trimester 4th trimester
14-19 34-33 51-61 67-84
Benfica scorers
Betinho Gomes (18), Travis Munnings (16), Dennis Clifford (12), Frank Gaines (9), José Silva (9), Makram Ben Romdhane (8), Aaron Broussard (7), Tomás Barroso (3) and José Barbasa (2)

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